Working with me encompasses a holistic approach to VO. I’m not just a “teacher” but a “coach.” This means I doesn’t just teach and critique you. I work with you, hand in hand, as your head cheerleader, and guide and direct you through the entire process of getting into, and excelling in the voice-over industry. I am your advocate.

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Because I am quite often booked one to three months in advance, or more, I routinely collect payment in advance (via Paypal) in order to secure your space on my schedule. (Actually, many of the top coaches do this.) A list of references will be provided upon request. You can be assured you’ll be well taken care of. Just read my mission statement.

Coaching Rates:

Julie’s rates are:

  • $150 per coaching hour (45 minutes) on the rare occasion that she’ll take on a student for just one session. Julie likes to work with committed students—they get greater results!
  • $600 for 5 coaching hours (45 minutes each)   ** This is the most popular package
  • $1000 for 10 coaching hours (45 minutes each) **For committed folks who want to save even more money.

There are a couple of products I recommend you purchase to expedite your progress and make the most of our time together. Both are available in electronic version. Medical Mumbo is also available on CD.